Professor John Soluri – He has been a supportive mentor throughout my time at Carnegie Mellon and guided my Senior Capstone and Thesis projects.

Dr. Devine, Dr. Acker, and other members of the CMU Department of History

Professors Emily and Nico Slate – Their hard work made the Semester for Social Change happen, an opportunity that I am grateful to take part in.

Kamalnayan Jamnalal Bajaj Foundation – A progressive nonprofit with a dedicated staff. I am excited for their parternship with CMU to continue in the coming years.

The Carnegie Mellon Office of International Education – For providing critical financial and logistical support. Many thanks to Christine Menand!

CMU’s Create Lab – For generously donating Gigapan equipment so I could document my work.

Visions Global Empowerment – Specifically Greg Buie for coordinating many aspects of our Social Change Semester.

Students in the Social Change Semester – It is a joy to share this experience abroad with such a creative, hilarious and thoughtful group of friends.


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